Miracles Created By Nature Strange Clouds are Formed in The Sky

strange clouds1A phenomenon often happens in Queensland, Australia. Here about 200m above the ground clouds are formed in a strange way. The clouds that look like waves and layer by layer are extremely attractive scene for Gliders Pilot. Earlier it was believed that these clouds are formed by the smoke released from the plane.
Due to its appearance for the long time, these clouds became the topic of discussion. Many researches were conducted over the formation of these clouds. Local people describe it as a miracle of Nature.
So what is the truth?
strange clouds2

strange clouds3
These strange clouds formed in the sky of Australia are known as “morning glory cloud”. These clouds are 1000 km long and 2 km high. The unique shape of land and sea in Cape York Peninsula plays a critical role in the formation of these strange clouds. These strange clouds started forming before rainy season at the end of September and at the beginning of November near the earth of Burkett town in North Queensland. Morning glory cloud often comes with dangerous storm, when suddenly there is sound in the wind, air blows fast at the lower level, and there is high pressure on the surface.
strange clouds4
Air is drifting fast toward the front of the cloud. When there is wind behind the cloud it begins to overflow. Clouds over the surface are blown away with the wind with a speed of 60 km per hour. Drizzling and thunderstorm are also occurred during this phase. “Morning glory cloud” is also formed occasionally in America, The English Channel, Berlin, Munich, and Northeastern Russia and in Maritime, Australia.
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