Mentally Disabled Leaves Condemned Building For New Home

Mentally-disabled leaves condemned building for new home

An eerie building built from stone and earth solely by Hu Guangzhou, a mentally disabled man in Weifang, Shandong Province has become the center of attention in the past few days.

The weird architecture, which looked more like a modern art piece, is under threat of literally collapsing at any time. Local officials had attempted to persuade Hu to give up work on the condemned building, but Hu sticked to his efforts.

Hu was building the structure for his two younger brothers, who he refused to believe had died years ago. Hu believes they are still alive, despite village officials’ insistence of the truth.

Considering his condition, the local officials did not demolish the building. Now he’s been given a proper house to dwell in, and the village authority also plans to build a new house for him in the future.
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