Amazing Unbelievable Photos Of Air Traffic Around The World

Stunning Photos Of Air Traffic Around The World That Took Photographer 2 Years To Shoot

Take a look at this stunning series of “Airportraits” to see what we mean. They were taken by Mike Kelley, an LA-based architectural photographer who spent the last two years taking pictures of planes departing the tarmac at eighteen different airports around the world. Afterwards he compiled the images to create these stunning compositions that serve to remind us just how busy our skies are. “From some locations I had thousands of pictures that needed to be culled, color corrected, extracted, and composited,’ he wrote on his blog. “It was absolutely one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on.”

#1 Lax 24l - No Turn Before Shoreline

#2 Dubai International 12r (morning Heavy Departures)

#3 Wake Turbulence: Lax

#4 London Heathrow 09l (100, 50, 40)

#5 Munich Airport 08r

#6 Zurich Airport Runways 28 And 16

#7 Amsterdam Schiphol, Polderbaan 18r

#8 London Heathrow 27l (terminal 5 And Tower)

#9 Frankfurt Am Main 25l (missed Approach By Lufthansa A380)

#10 Dubai 30r

#11 Amsterdam Schiphol 24 (kaagbaan)

#12 Tokyo Haneda 05 (great Wave)

#13 Auckland International 23l

#14 Sydney Kingsford Smith 34l

#15 London Heathrow 27l

#16 Munich Airport 08r Takeoffs

#17 Frankfurt Am Main, 07c

#18 Sao Paulo Guarulhos 09l

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