Amazing Sparks and Flames Reaches 32ft Tall During Japanese Festival “Toyohashi”

The summer vacation season kicked off with a bang in Japan this week with a superb firework display that has been wowing the crowds annually because the mid-1500s.For the duration of the event in Japan’s Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, individuals use a centuries-ancient type of firework called the tezutsu hanabi.The canons are made using a hollowed-out bamboo tube that’s then wrapped with rope, earlier than it is full of between 3lbs and 6lbs of gunpowder.When the tubes are lit, sparks and flames can reach 32ft tall, all of the while, they’re being held on to with the aid of a courageous participant clad in natural fire-proof apparel.Hundreds of people travel to look these ancient fireworks every yr and a few organizations tour the nation putting on shows too.In line with the photographer Hidenobu Suzuki, who took the pix, the occasion shouldn’t be only for leisure but additionally used as a worship ritual.

festival in Japan's Toyohashi_pic1

festival in Japan's Toyohashi_pic2

festival in Japan's Toyohashi_pic3

festival in Japan's Toyohashi_pic4

festival in Japan's Toyohashi_pic5

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