Amazing Hotel Concepts Feature Flying Pods, Is This The Future of Holidays?

Is this the future of holidays? Stunning hotel concepts feature flying pods that can land on water, ‘nests’ in major parks and an inn that’s out of this world

The concepts – Driftscape, Nesting and Space View Inn – have been recognised by a leading design competition
Driftscape has bean-shaped pods as guest rooms that use drone technology to fly to hard-to-reach destinations
Nesting has hotel and meeting rooms on stilts, which can be set up in major parks to generate revenue for cities

Holidaymakers will be guaranteed a room with an incredible view at these futuristic hotels, which would put guests in the sea, famous parks or even outer space.The stunning concepts are vying for top prize in an annual design competition that aims to flip the hospitality industry on its head.
This year’s finalists have proposed bean-shaped pods which can be flown to hard-to-reach locations using drone technology, and guest rooms on stilts in major cities such as New York or London.


self_sustaining_hotel_that_allows_guestsDriftscape is a mobile, self-sustaining hotel that allows guests to roam or touch down in diverse locations such as the sea

Stunning hotel concepts2guests would enjoy magnificent views in their transparent pods, which can be set up on water or on land

Stunning hotel concepts3The hotel is made up of several modular units including bars, kitchens and courtyard pods. There is also Driftcraft which is a single guest room

Stunning hotel concepts4Designed by HOK’s Toronto office, the hotel has modular units which use drone technology to fly (top right) to hard-to-reach locations

Stunning hotel concepts5The other professional finalist, Paris’ MM Architects Designers & Planners, designed Nesting – a retreat that puts guests in an urban park

Stunning hotel concepts6In addition to parks in major cities such as New York or London, Nesting hotels can be set up in a forest

Stunning hotel concepts7MM Architects said Nesting could generate new experiences as well as revenue in cities where there is a short of available space

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