2-Month-Old Baby With The Craziest Bouffant Hair Ever

Most of us are born without much hair. And sooner or later, most of us end up pretty much like we started. But 9-week-old Junior Cox-Noon from Brighton, UK, was born with so much hair that he’ll never have to worry about going bald. If anything he’ll have to worry about all the money he’ll need to spend on haircare products and trips to the barbers!
Fortunately for Junior however, his mother Chelsea is a hairdresser, but even she struggles to cope with his copious hair. It’s too thick to air dry so she has to blow dry it instead, and the mum-of-three spends at least two hours doing the weekly shop because her son’s hair attracts so much attention. Junior is also a big fan of his hairdo, so much so that he cries whenever his mum tries to put a hat on him. We can’t blame him though. This bouffant deserves to be seen!







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